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Green Energy

To better understand how Neri Motori contributes to environmental protection, we take a look at the interview with Mr. Aldo Neri, President of Neri Motori since 2010.


"When was the first photovoltaic system installed?"

"The first photovoltaic panel was installed in 2016, it generates 140 kilowatts and guarantees energy to Neri 1, one plant built in 1996."

President Neri then goes on, proudly, talking about the most recent photovoltaic installation, mounted in the first months of 2022: these are the latest generation systems, more efficient and innovative, bringing economic and environmental benefits.

"What are the advantages that photovoltaic panels bring to Neri Motori?"

“The new cooling system is efficient, in fact it works thanks to the energy generated by the photovoltaic panel, especially in the summer. Furthermore, even the compressed air systems and machine tools are powered with the energy coming from the panels and no longer from the mains consumption.”

"Would you recommend the use of photovoltaic panels?" The answer leaves no doubt -"Absolutely yes!"-

Arguing that the positive aspects outweigh the negative ones, such as, a payback of the investment that comes with energy savings.

Clean, renewable energy and natural sources are the goals of Neri Motori, its President and all its employees.

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